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summer skincare

Summer Skincare

SCRUB Your body constantly sheds skin – as in 30 000 skin cells every minute! Help your skin out by giving it some tough love and exfoliate a couple times...

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turmeric benefits

Turmeric Benefits

One of the most powerful herbs on the planet is something that can be found on grocery store shelves. Its scientific name is curcuma longa, it’s bright yellow and is...

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olive oil on face

Olive Oil on Face

Using olive oil on your face might not be the first thing you think about when you open up your pantry door but it could be. We have a new...

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self care


Self-care is a bit of a buzzword these days. Based on the idea of consciously looking after one’s own needs – something we all strive to do when and if...

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small pores

Get to know your Small Pores

Our poor pores have bore the brunt of our skin frustrations - from producing pimples throughout our teenage years like a game of Whack-The-Mole to growing bigger and more noticeable...

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benefits of sea salt baths

Benefits of Sea Salt Baths

Our luxurious line of bath teas help you detox, hydrate and heal your skin with every soak.  A sea salt soak works like magic on your skin, body and hair....

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dry brushing

Dry Brushing

Ever heard of dry brushing? If you haven’t, we’re here to tell you it’s great! It’s as simple as it sounds – before you have a shower, stand in the...

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Dalgona Coffee Recipe

Dalgona Coffee Recipe

A new take on this week’s smoothie recipe is inspired by one of the latest trends to hit people’s kitchens – Whipped Coffee. Have you seen photos of this drink...

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google ai can help our whales

Google AI can Help Our Whales

Engineers at the American tech company were contacted by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for help a few years ago in trying to find the sounds of humpback...

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bananas with stickers

Sticker Shock

While those tiny plastic stickers on produce are hardly the cause of pollution, they certainly are another part of the problem. Those stickers are found on bananas, tomatoes, avocadoes –...

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scrub in shower

Exfoliation in a PInch

Oh, no! You’re out of Sealuxe’s  Breakfast Scrub, Rose Scrub, or the Seaweed and Coffee Scrub? Been there. Reach in the back of my washroom cupboard and, ouch! I am...

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