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  • Artisanal Soap Ensemble: Immerse yourself in opulence with six handcrafted bars from our soap collection. Indulge in the crisp essences of the ocean or the warm, earthy notes you desire. Now available at a splendid 25% discount.

  • Rose Enthusiast Bundle: For those enchanted by the allure of roses, this bundle offers a complete rose-themed experience, featuring products like our Rose Beach Glass, Rose Bath Tea, and more. Delight in your rose garden fantasy at an enticing 25% off.

  • Face Essentials – Nourish & Protect: Treat your skin with our two tailor-made bundles—Nourish for a luminous glow or Protect to defend against the elements. Each set includes our exclusive skincare selections, now at 25% off.

  • Charcoal & Rose Harmony: Discover the cleansing power of Activated Charcoal Soap coupled with the soothing Rose Body Butter. A perfect harmony, now for 25% less.

  • Coastal Journey: Let the scents of Coastal Breeze Soap and Driftwood Body Butter transport you to the shores. Embrace the coastal ambiance, now more accessible at a 25% discount.

  • Bathe in Luxury: Dive into the ultimate bath experience with our full assortment of Bath Teas. Transform your bath into a serene retreat, all at 25% off.

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Fresh and glowing skin begins with a healthy cleanser and that usually means using one with little to no foaming properties. When our Goddess grains is activated with water it mimics our skin’s pH of 5.5 and our Oil Cleanser protects our skin from hydration loss. Our two cleansers will not dry out the skin or leave it feeling tight, nor will it leave your skin susceptible to skin sensitivities or early signs aging.

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Face Masks

Like steams, facial masks are a part of the skin's preparations and are certainly a pampering experience where your results are noticeable and immediate. All skin types can benefit from using a mask regularly – depending on which you choose.

Our masks are full of seaweed. The beauty of seaweed is that it thrives in conditions where it completely dries out, during low tide, and then reanimates again in the mineral-rich water of flood tide. This natural cycle helps the algae maintain strength and endurance for a very long time. When you hydrate our masks at home, they come alive, oozing with extracts that are beneficial for your skin.

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Facial Oils

The most potent part of your skincare routine, facial oils add moisture and nutrients to your skin. Our facial oils deliver concentrated, highly effective and studied ingredients to carry out a specific task and target specific skincare concerns like tired/aging skin, dull and sun damaged skin, dehydration and sensitivities.

Our facial oils are created through a slow process of infusing herbs into a carrier oil. This infusion process captures all the nutrient-dense plant properties without compromising any of the beneficial elements of the plant. The result is a potent blend of extracted plant essence including antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids.

Use a toner with our facial oil for faster absorption and to make your product last longer. Our three facial oils- Balance, Protect and Nourish have been formulated to support healthy cellular function. Each one has its own unique purpose for specific skin types. We have created a skincare quiz to guide you through the process of deciding which facial oil is best for you.

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Facial Steam

A facial steam is used in most spas around the world as a therapeutic/beauty treatment because it is so effective. Botanical steam helps to balance complexions, clear clogged pores, and lubricate skin tissue, helping to treat acne and dehydration while easing blackheads from their tight little hiding places.

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Gifts Under $30

We've been hard at work creating gift boxes suitable for all your gift giving needs. From a Face Mask box to gifts for the bath lover, no one will be left out this holiday season, we've even created a box for those who can't wait until Christmas Day with our Christmas Eve box. All of these are available for under $30!

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Seasonal Scents

Ho ho holy smokes this smells good!

Treat yourself to the familiar scents of Christmas, from pine and fir from a walk through the woods to Santa's workshop to the comforting scent of spiced rum or candy canes. Our seasonal soaps and candles will boost anyone's Christmas spirit- even the Grinch in your life!

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We soak our products in seaweed so your skin will benefit. A mineral-rich botanical from the waters of the British Columbia. Algae provides exceptional antiaging
support, due to its betaglucan content. Structurally similar to hyaluronic acid--a substance our bodies produce naturally, in our eyes and joints-- the betaglucan
in green algae is a hydrator that helps your skin replenish its own epidermal lipid barrier, improving pigmentation and combating free radical damage.

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Our Sealuxe Rose toner is formulated to hydrate, has a neutral pH of 5.5 and contains nourishing ingredients that help support the skin’s microbiome.

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