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is seaweed good for you

Is Seaweed Good For You?

Just How Nutritious is Seaweed? This will come as no surprise to you – Sealuxe cannot get enough of seaweed. We are so into the ocean algae that we love...

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the memory of skin

The Memory of Skin

Interesting fact: Did you know that there is evidence that our skin has a memory? The official name for of this phenomenon is mnemodermia and it is a hypersensitivity on...

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coffee cellulite scrub

Coffee Cellulite Scrub

This seaweed and coffee cellulite scrub has more than one purpose, in addition to turning us into functioning humans every morning, coffee is also makes a fantastic scrub. But did...

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smoothie skincare

Smoothie Skincare

I love smoothies. They’re quick and easy, and – if you have all the right ingredients on hand – really basic. And, let’s face it, a lot more convenient to...

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bathing in botanicals

Bathing in Botanials

Indulge Yourself with Bath Teas When we run ourselves an aromatic herbal bath, we are part of a tradition that goes back to ancient times. Herbal baths were highly valued...

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basic skincare routine sealuxe

Basic Skincare Routine

  Sometimes a basic skincare routine can be the most effective. Why? Because if it is simple enough, you won’t skip it, and your skin will thank you for the...

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barefeet in the sand

Barefeet in the Sand

So what's so great about barefeet in the sand? Being on the ocean is so relaxing, whether it’s in a kayak and exploring hidden coves of B.C.’s coast or lounging...

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sea salt for acne

Benefits of Sea Salt For Acne

Another Ocean Goddess Skin Care Tip - Use Sea Salt If you’re prone to acne, have you ever noticed how your skin clears up after a day spent ocean-side? Many believe...

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summer skincare

Summer Skincare

SCRUB Your body constantly sheds skin – as in 30 000 skin cells every minute! Help your skin out by giving it some tough love and exfoliate a couple times...

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turmeric benefits

Turmeric Benefits

One of the most powerful herbs on the planet is something that can be found on grocery store shelves. Its scientific name is curcuma longa, it’s bright yellow and is...

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