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Why are your soaps wrapped in plastic when you talk about being environmentally friendly?

We wrap our soaps in Biolefin - a biodegradable, earth-friendly shrink wrap. We do our best to minimize our plastic use and consumption.

Will the botanicals in the bath tea clog my drain?

We include a reusable muslin tea bag inside every bath tea bag so you don’t have to worry about the botanicals clogging your drain.

Can I use my bath tea without the tea bag?

Yes, you most definitely can, but in exchange for the lovely experience of floating amongst a tub of botanicals, you might have a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards! (and there’s a chance that your drain may not like this…)

Where do you purchase the ingredients you use?

We source our seaweed from a company who harvests them by hand in the Great Bear Rainforest region of the B.C. coast. All of our other ingredients were carefully selected for their potency and quality. As well, we partner with companies and people who share the same belief as us- that workers should have access to a fair living wage in a safe and healthy work

Can I use my Cleansing Grains as a facial mask?

Yes, leaving your cleansing grains on your face would be considered a Vitamin C brightening mask. We recommend doing this once a week and to make sure you wear sunscreen when you head outdoors as your skin will become more susceptible to the sun’s rays.


Are all the Sealuxe scents natural?

Sealuxe does not use synthetic fragrances in any of our bath and body products. All of our product scents are derived from natural sources.

Do Sealuxe products contain any nasties?

All of Sealuxe’s ingredients are free of nasties and skin irritants. You won’t find any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, sulphates, silicones, GMOs, and synthetic colours and fragrances in any of our bath and body products.

Are Sealuxe products cruelty free?

Yes- we love animals and hate animal testing.

Are Sealuxe products refillable?

Coming soon! Fingers crossed summer 2023.

Are all of Sealuxe products biodegradable?

All our products are natural and biodegradable.

All of our packaging is either recyclable, reusable or

Where are the products made?

Sealuxe products are made in our studio kitchen in Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Are Sealuxe products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We provide an ingredients list for each product so please refer to those in the product pages. The Bergamot Essential Oil we use is bergapten free. If you have any doubts or questions we suggest talking to your doctor before using new products.

What is the expiry date of Sealuxe products?

All of our products have a 24 month expiry, except for the following: body butters 12 months, rose toner 9 months, facial oils 12 months

Does sealuxe offer samples?

In most cases we can provide a free skincare sample - up to three samples per order (if we have them). Just ask.

Skincare Concerns

What is the soap bar that Kaitlin (Jillian Harris’s makeup artist) recommended for Keratosis Pilaris?

Ritual Rose soap bar, previously known as Pretty
in Pink

I have dry skin, what Sealuxe products do you recommend?

For general skin hydration: Rose + Seaweed Toner.

Our Goddess Grains Facial Cleanser helps to remove dry skin and prepare it for moisture, try one of our Facial oils for the face, which are incredibly moisturizing as well as healing specific skincare needs.

Our body oils and body butters work magic on dry skin throughout the body.

For really dry-skin (like dry patches on your hands or elbows) use our lip balm to quickly target these dry spot and added long-lasting protection.

I have really sensitive skin that reacts to everything. Do you have any moisturizers or face wash I can use?

We have two really good products that we swear by because they are so calming on skin that is irritated or inflamed.


Our Goddess Grains is a powdered face wash that you activate with water in the palm of your hand. It’s soothing and helps with inflammation as well as being a light polish for your face.


Our Rose and Seaweed toner is an excellent hydrator for those who have any kind of skin sensitivities or irritation. Refrigerate for the best results.

Will facial oils make my skin oily?

Facial oils help to regulate excess sebum production so won’t create a greasy skin environment.

What do you recommend for acne?

Our Activated Charcoal soap bar was created to help ease congested skin. It has tea tree, juniper berry and lavender essential oil included because of their anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antiseptic qualities.

I have eczema, can you help?

Eczema flare-ups are different for everyone, so it’s difficult to say that using Sealuxe products will help/prevent or might cause a flare-up.


However we have had some great results with customers prone to eczema.


We suggest always performing a patch test on hidden skin first if you have concerns.

Returns questions

What is your refund policy?

Beach Clean Ups

How do I sign up for a beach clean-up?

All our clean-ups are hosted by Shoreline clean. Please visit our events page here for more information.

I couldn’t sign up for a beach clean-up on Shoreline Cleanup can I still come if I’m not registered?

Yes, just check in with the event prior to arriving to make sure there were no last-minute changes.

Orders and Payment

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through Paypal and credit card payment.

*You don’t need to have a Paypal account to checkout.

Can I buy Sealuxe products in stores?

Visit our stockist page here to find a local shop that carries our products.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you wish to change anything in your order please send an email to with your order number and information about the request. Doing this as quickly as possible will give us a greater chance of fixing the order before it’s sent.


If, however, the order has already been shipped then we can’t help unfortunately. But have a look at the returns or refunds page here for more information.

Can I order wholesale from Sealuxe?

We would love to here from you, please send us an email to or fill out our "apply for wholesale" form found here.

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