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About Sealuxe

A love of the wild west coast demands a strategic effort to protect it while also benefiting from its bounty. We serve our friends fresh-potent products using ethically sourced ingredients and packaging that is 100% biodegradable or recyclable. We strengthen our customer relationships by creating positive experiences and change in their skin’s health.

We source our packaging and raw materials from people who share the same belief as us, that workers should have access to a fair living wage in a safe and healthy work environment. We love animals and hate animal testing.

We believe in building community and participate in giving back to the community in which we work by keeping our local beaches clean by organizing beach clean-up events.  

Soothing Seaweeds

Our skincare products solve problems for our customers because they are infused in natures most potent ingredient -seaweed.

Made in Canada

Founded and formulated on the pristine westcoast of British Columbia