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Puffy Face Remedy

I have a friend who loves swimming at the local pool and I have a friend (okay, this applies to almost ALL my friends) who stays up late.

Both said friends recently asked for skin advice, which I’ll share here in case you enjoy swimming and/or staying up late as well.

Allison started exercising at the local indoor swimming pool four months ago because her knee was acting up so she could no longer jog without paying the price of pain from the impact. Even though she wasn’t keen on swimming at first (finding a decent swim suit was chore) it’s now her favourite exercise. But dipping her face into chlorinated water was drying out her skin like nobody’s business, and her regular moisturizer didn’t seem to help. So, I offered her an age-old recipe for a simple skin barrier:

After dampening face with filtered water, seal in the moister with gently rubbing on equal parts melted lanolin and a Sealuxe body oil.

Allison reported back after a week to say it worked like a charm. Sure, she looks a bit shiny before getting into the pool but, hey, she’s not there to impress!

Onto the next friend. Steph is a night-owl and complained about a puffy face in the morning. I directed her to Sealuxe's Rose Toner for a pick-me up. Steph tried it out and contacted me the next day.

“Rebecca, why didn’t you tell me about this before?!”