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Zoom Face Essentials - Protect

Face Essentials - Protect

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Face Forward: Glow with Nature, Save with Grace! A 25% discount.

This trio of botanical-rich products is designed to polish, protect, and perfect your complexion with the purest ingredients nature has to offer.

Goddess Grains Facial Polish: Begin your journey to radiant skin with our Goddess Grains Facial Polish. This daily polisher is a symphony of water-activated ingredients that gently refine your skin's texture. Key botanicals stimulate cell turnover and invigorate blood flow, bestowing your face with a smooth, healthy glow that speaks of timeless grace.

Protect Antioxidant Facial Oil: Shield and nourish your skin with our Protect Antioxidant Facial Oil. Dive into the depths of hydration and revitalization with this potent blend of pure seaweed, apricot, and abyssinian oils, rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids. This elixir boosts cell nourishment and envelops your skin in lasting moisture, leaving it supple and radiant with the power of Vitamins C, E, A, B1, and B6.

Rose and Seaweed Toner: Conclude your skincare symphony with the harmonious balance of our Rose and Seaweed Toner. This luxurious formula, crafted with premium rose water, bio-fermented kelp, and glycerin, gently refreshes and tones your skin. It's a nurturing embrace, balancing your complexion and infusing it with a radiant, dewy glow that reflects the essence of a rose in full bloom.

Embrace the transformative power of our Face Essentials Bundle, a collection that's as kind to your skin as it is to the planet. With each use, you're not just caring for your skin; you're embarking on a journey of rejuvenation and protection, all while enjoying the bloom of savings. Let nature be your guide to a radiant, glowing complexion, and step forward with confidence and grace.

Face Essentials - Protect

$54.00 Regular price $72.00

Instead of using chemicals to preserve our products we make small batches fresh.

Instead of contributing to plastic pollution we use biodegradable, reusable or recycleable products.

Instead of using synthetic fragrance, we use essential oils, natural plant essence and flavours or nothing at all.

Instead of using colour dyes we use clays, plants and mica minerals to create our colours.