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Skin Dry in Winter Months?


If your skin gets dry in winter months we can help!

You may find yourself indoors a little more than usual during the colder months. Being indoors means more dry air which means dried-out skin.

This doesn’t mean you have to suffer through dry, itchy, flaky skin though! Sealuxe has five winter skincare tips to offer up to get you through winter.

They are:

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Many change up their moisturizer with the seasons with good reason. Oil-based moisturizers work great in the winter months as they’re a little heavier than their water-based counterparts. The oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisturizer. Another great way of boosting this layer is adding a facial oil to your skincare regime. Sealuxe carries three different kinds – Balance, Nourish, and Protect (top hint: take our online quiz to see which one suits your skin best). While they all boast different formulas, they all have one ingredient in common – green tea extract. This ingredient is excellent at promoting anti-aging, treating active breakouts, and decreasing puffiness. Our moisturizing oils are excellent at providing your skin nourishment. We’re sure that once you try them, you’ll instantly fall in love with how wonderful your skin feels.

Less is More

It’s not a bad idea to moisturize multiple times a day. My own skin has been so dry this month that I have kept a bottle of Sealuxe’s Nourish oil by my desk and pat a couple of drops into my skin every few hours. If you don’t have oily skin then you might also want to consider washing your face only once a day, preferably at night before you go to sleep. If your skin is dry and sensitive, skip cleanser all together and clean your face with micellar water using a soft reusable cleansing pad such as Sealuxe's make-up remover pads. They are made from organic hemp and cotton. Bonus they are washer and dryer friendly!

Drink it Up

Yup, it makes logical sense but it should be mentioned anyway – hydrate yourself. Drink eight to 10 cups of water, tea, or your favourite unsweetened beverage per day. Proper hydration is said to be directly related to skin cell regeneration.

Ho Hum

A humidifier goes a long way to helping combat dry skin. The heat that keeps your home warm is dry and, because the windows are closed, it stays trapped inside. A humidifier puts moisture back in the air and this will help your skin from feeling dry.

Itchy Skin

While staying away from long, hot baths is important as they dry out your skin, it’s a great idea to take a comfortably warm oatmeal bath if you suffer from dry, itchy skin. All you have to do is grind a cup of plain oatmeal in a blender until it has the texture of powder and add it to your bath. Oatmeal helps calm inflammation and soothes itchy winter skin.