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Spring Cleaning Makeup Brushes

cleaning makeup brushes

Don’t forget to count your makeup drawer as part of your spring cleaning routine!

The first rule of makeup hygiene is to throw out old makeup. Once a bottle/jar/tube is opened, air hits the formulation and the ingredients start a process of oxidization and degradation. It’s usually a slow process, especially if your products are kept in a cool and dark cupboard. Most beauty products found in the drug store are good for up to three years thanks to preservatives. Of course, if you’re using natural products such what’s found in SeaLuxe’s catalog, it’s best to use these products as soon as you receive them as they contain no preservatives!

If your makeup smells a bit off, it’s done. The smell could mean it’s been contaminated with bacteria or fungus. If you have old makeup that has never been used i.e. is still in its original packaging and is still within the end range of the expiry date, you can gently wipe the makeup with a cotton pad soaked in 99 per cent isopropyl alcohol. Same goes for makeup that’s been used but has not yet expired. Most quality make-up have their expiry date listed on the package.

Items such as blush, foundation, and eye shadows typically last up to two years. Lipsticks are generally good for one year so any tube you haven’t worn during the pandemic? Yup, time to go!  Eyeliners have an even shorter life span. Pencils can last up to a year while liquid eyeliner (its consistency attracts more bacteria than its pencil cousin) is usually good for around three months.

Happy spring cleaning! Your skin will love it!