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How to be Productive While Stressed

We here at Sealuxe are dedicated to health, whether that be the health of your skin or the health of your mind/body. We learned a lot of information about productivity during the height of COVID-19 and thought we’d share some bright spots as we come across them.

Dr. Aisha Ahmad is an academic, professor, and author who posted a great thread on Twitter about productivity during time of stress. This is something many of you will find interesting as you shift back from working at home in the foreseeable future.

Our top priority should be having everything in our home environment under control as much as possible. “Ensure your pantry has sensible supplies. Clean your house. Make a coordinated family plan. Feeling secure about your own emergency preparedness will free up mental space,” Ahmad writes.

This next point resonated: “… Give yourself a proper mental adjustment window." This is such a great point as we all need to allow for adjustment. Otherwise, Ahmad warns: “If you give yourself that essential window, your body and mind WILL adjust to the new normal. Without that mental shift, you’ll fall on your face.”

After getting used to a new routine, she suggests building a schedule and getting down to a routine. “Wake up early. Put the most important parts first: food, family, fitness.”

Next is coordinating with our brains. Ahmed pointed out she needs to ease into her heavy-duty academic writing. She shared her schedule: admin in the morning and then dealing with papers and book projects around noon.

Lastly, she suggests being good humans.

“We can check on our neighbours, reach out to isolated people, and volunteer or donate as we can.” This simple act of kindness benefits our community but also ourselves as well.