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Celebrate Life at any Age

We here at Sealuxe headquarters brought out the cake and champagne for a birthday this week (Happy birthday dear Ceara!) which brings us to the topic of this blog post: celebrating life and not being restricted by numbers.

Do you remember when you were first told you were “too old” to be doing that thing? Felt that you needed to accomplish ALL the dreams by the age of 30 or else you were a failure? Turned 40 and thought that maybe it was too late to follow a dream (kids, 40 is NOT old)?

Yeah, us too.

Social media is incredibly harmful when it comes to presenting highly unrealistic images (who would have thought you could make your eyes larger, your waist smaller, and your butt bigger with a click of a button on your phone?!). It is especially damaging for young people who are prone to comparing in order to fit in and being liked by peers. Heck, I remember what it was like. Except the bad messaging was coming from Cosmopolitan magazine and not on absolutely every screen I turned on.

But let’s talk about the good of social media. Some of the best accounts I follow on Instagram are run by women who are disruptors. They thumb their noses at how society wants them to behave. Instead, they are free, happy, and eternally youthful. This goes for the 40, 50, 60, 70, and – yes – even 80-year-olds. These women truly rock it.

One of the accounts I follow is and.bloom. It features women who fit into the above statement and, let me tell you, they are all incredibly beautiful and inspiring. It’s quite something when women break the society’s chains to enjoy their years, being wiser, and more complete.

For example, Willemijn (61) was interviewed by and.bloom. An excerpt:

celebrate life at any age

Question: Can you tell us how you feel about growing older?

Answer: I have no problem growing older, I love my life. I also don’t feel my age and honestly, I think it is a mindset, if you feel positive about aging, you age in a positive way. Besides that, there are so many great and beautiful things to live for.”

And Monique (50).

Question: Any surprises about getting older?

Answer: “It’s surprising in many positive ways. Working in the fashion and beauty business it is fantastic to watch the movement’s wave towards older models. Women over 40 are very powerful, stylish, and successful. I realize more and more due to experiences in life, family, work, and traveling, you shine and reflect beauty by your confidence and age. That is the look that sells nowadays in combination with some wrinkles! That was unthinkable 20 years ago!”

So, on your next birthday Sealuxe would like to throw some words your way in the form of self-love.

Remember to: invest in personal growth and let go of unnecessary negatives from the past. Enjoy getting a year older, wiser, and completing yourself. It’s a long process – if we’re lucky!