DUE TO THE CURRENT SITUATION IN B.C. ANY PACKAGES GETTING SENT EAST OF B.C. FROM THE LOWER MAINLAND WILL EXPERIENCE DELAYSThis shipping delay affects all provinces of Canada, the Kootney region and the Okanagan

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pregnant woman walking on the beach

Pregnant Skin Care Tips

She has that pregnancy glow… Maybe she does and that’s great! But maybe, like many others, you definitely do not. You’re pregnant and, all of a sudden, your skin is...

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ocean pollution

The Pandemic of Ocean Pollution

Reilwardrobe.com and their sustainable masks. Regular readers of Sealuxe’s blog know we’re not only passionate about natural skincare, but also the state of the world’s oceans. We have written about...

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blue light skincare

Blue Light and Your Skin

Working remotely is the new reality for many. While earning a living from home has so many benefits, it has translated into waaaaaay more screen time than before. Those face-to-face...

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