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DIY Valentine's Gifts for Kids, By Kids

Hey, kids! Want to make something cool for your parents for Valentine’s Day?

Then let Sealuxe help you with some crafty ideas!

Photo: ABQ Mom

Photo: ABQ Mom

If You Make It…

Let your mom or dad grow something in this nifty flower pot.

Supplies required:

  • At least one terra cotta pot (whichever size you prefer)

  • Red and black craft paint

  • Foam brush

  • Q-tips

  • Fabric paint (puff paint)

  • Potting soil

  • Succulent plant (they’re cheap! Under five dollars)


  1. Use your foam brush to paint the flower pot red.

  2. When the paint dries (it dries quickly) use the fabric paint and draw an outline of a heart.

  3. Paint the inside of the heart with black paint.

  4. Once everything is dry, scoop some potting soil into the pot.

  5. Plant the succulent!

(Thanks to ABQ Mom for this fab idea!)


A Long-Distance Hug

Photo: The Party Event

Photo: The Party Event

During this time we’re together but apart, consider sending a hand-made hug!

Supplies required:

  • Construction paper

  • Ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

  • Tape

  • A Special Note


  1. Trace both hands on construction paper

  2. Cut out the hand prints and punch a small hole the palm area

  3. Tie the hands onto the ends of the ribbon

  4. Attach your note to the ribbon or the hand – your choice!

  5. The recipient can wrap your hands around them for a hug anytime!

(Thanks to The Party Event for this fab idea!)


Simple Hearts

Photo: How About Orange

Photo: How About Orange

These are so great! Your mom and dad can use these to organize their papers or use as a bookmark!

Supplies required:

  • Red or pink paperclips


  1. Bend each clip at the midpoint and shape into a heart!

Photo: How About Orange

Photo: How About Orange

Thanks to How About Orange for the fab idea!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sealuxe!