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The Best Valentine's Day Gifts FOR HER

Hey guys! Yes, I mean you dudes! You men! You with lady partners! Heck, these are for everybody!

It’s February and it’s that time to think about your lovely lady loves. Check it out. I mean it’s not like we buy gifts every day. I have done you a solid by doing research for you.

Here are our top-five gift ideas for your dear Valentine.



This is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Give your love the ever-lasting power of a hand-written letter with a beautiful blanket designed to look like a piece of loose-leaf-paper, complete with written cursive handwriting. Just remember this is your chance to say the best words that she can keep forever (ie. Don’t make this your grocery store wish list.). This 100% cotton blanket is designed in Canada by Diane Scaman (who is also awesome because she has a cat) and made in North Carolina. WANT.



Is your girl Canadian? Does she scoff at scenes of Los Angeles’ “nature” when you see it on TV shows (it’s always that same dirt path on the hill, right?)? Has she had an IG moment on that log on that aqua-coloured lake near Pemberton? Then OMG check out these amazing vintage-inspired posters sold through the Museum of Vancouver! North Shore Hikes! Bowen Island! Expo Ernie! They’re printed locally and are eco-friendly. They come framed or unframed (hint: get it framed if your budget allows as it’s a pain in the toe to receive unframed art).


Since we’re talking about nature, how about these super sweet earrings of the Canadian Rockies? They’re 10mm, hypoallergenic stainless steel, and will only set you back about 15 bucks – shipping included. Yay for nature again! Yay for jewelry!



Okay, nature is great and all but one does tend to sweat clomping through mud up those mountains. So, time to get clean. And what better way to get clean than to use Sealuxe’s limited edition Valentine’s Day soaps?! We have these most ADORABLE Love Soaps. Like any good Hollywood marriage history, they come in threes. Also in a muslin bag. All for 10 bucks. This might be a good Galentine’s gift, too.


Hi, I’m a Timberlake fan! Since our Christmas boxes were a raging success with you, we brought back the idea for Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the day of love and romance by giving your sweetie everything they really need – body oil, rose bath salts to unwind, love soaps, and an eye mask in our Valentine’s Day Gift Box. Not included: a hilarious note from me. Sorry!

 Happy Valentine’s Day from Rebecca and the rest of the Sealuxe gang! xo