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Simple Skincare Tips: Introducing an Easy Skincare Routine for the New Year

There is nothing wrong with keeping your skincare routine simple. In fact, decluttering your skincare of all the too-good-to-be-true potions often does a world of good for both your skin and your wallet.


One of the best reasons for keeping things straight-forward is that it’s easy. Caring for your skin is important and you’re not necessarily missing out on anything by eliminating a 125-step regime. Keeping it simple ensures it’ll be a regular regime.

Here’s our suggestion for an easy skincare routine for the new year:


Always wash your face using a gentle cleanser before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning. Washing is especially important before you hit the hay as clean skin repairs itself more efficiently than dirty skin. Try using Sealuxe’s ever-so-gentle Goddess Grains Facial Cleanser.

Nourishing Boost

Facial oils are mostly known for their hydrating properties. They give your skin a moisturizing boost and a healthy glow. Beyond that, they also are great for anti-aging while providing antibacterial and healing properties. Sealuxe has three different kinds of beautiful facial oils – Nourish, Balance, and Protect.

ABWS (Always Be Wearing Sunscreen)

Sunscreen is one of the best anti-aging products out there. The sun is responsible for a good portion of the aging of the skin – up to 90 percent according to some reports. Use a minimum of SPF 30. We like to use mineral sunscreens as zinc oxide helps keep the damage from the sun’s rays at bay.

Drink it Up

Moisturize in the morning and in the evening. This helps your skin cells speed along their recovery process. There is a wide range of moisturizers on the market that will do the trick. Don’t be fooled into paying a lot as those promises on the label are often empty.


Yes, build-up happens. It can lead to clogged pores, acne, and overall dullness. Exfoliate two to three times a week with a gentle exfoliator to speed up the shedding of dead skin cells and other build-up caused by makeup. We recommend using Sealuxe’s Goddess Grains in addition to your regular cleanser. Or one of Sealuxe’s nourishing masks that not only exfoliate but also replenish.

We hope this easy skincare routine kicks off helps kick off your new year on the right foot!