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Facial Oils are Magic… But Not Moisturizers

Sealuxe’s facial oils give you an off-the-charts glow. Incorporating them into your daily skin-care routine is a boon for your complexion, as continued use results in plump and happy skin! Our skin feels so great when we use facial oils. So great that we could be fooled into thinking their purpose is to simply hydrate.

Nope! What facial oils do is seal in the hydration and ingredients of your moisturizer. That’s right; the best way to use your facial oil is to apply it over your moisturizer.

Oils don’t sink into the layers of your skin. Instead, they sit on the top layer – the epidermis, responsible for your skin’s healthy and glowing appearance – acting as a strong barrier that prevents moisture from escaping. This is why you only need to use very little oil during your application.

Have you tried using one of Sealuxe’s facial oils in your makeup routine? It is lovely to apply right before your concealer or liquid foundation. Your makeup brushes will glide across your skin as you work with a flawless and seamless base, resulting in fewer makeup clumps or streaks.

On that note, if you’re after a dewy finish, try using a couple of drops of facial oil to your favourite foundation and apply.

We invite you to check out Sealuxe’s line of facial oils to see which one would work best for you:

Balance – created to be calming and gentle for skin that struggles with inflammation, clogged pores, and acne breakouts.

Nourish – formulated with multi-correctional properties for superior skin nutrition. Ideal for dry or dull skin.

Protect – contains a potent blend of pure seaweed, vitamin-rich essential oils, and fatty acids to boost cell nourishment. For all skin types.