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This Soap Helped KP

When we here at Sealuxe concocted our soaps in our lab, we focused on using high-quality and natural ingredients that not only smelled wonderful but were also good for your skin.

Our Ritual Rose Soap Bar was always a favourite due to the heavenly scent of roses but then we started hearing from customers that it was actually healing their chronic KP skin!

Imagine our delight at offering an affordable and natural soap that helped people to this extent. It made our day when started hearing these reviews.

As you may already know – especially those of you who suffer from KP (keratosis pilaris) – it is a skin condition that results in red or white inflamed bumps on the outside of your upper arms, thighs, or bum. Nobody knows the exact cause but rest assured, it is not serious or a bad medical condition.

It is, however, undesirable, and annoying. It is the result of the buildup of keratin on your skin. Keratin is a hard protein that protects your skin from infections and harmful substances. When the keratin builds up, it forms a plug that blocks the hair follicle and those pesky patches of bumpy and inflamed skin appear. As we head into fall and winter, KP can become more obvious as the combination of dry skin and cold weather will also aggravate it.

Going back to our Ritual Rose Soap: many studies show seaweed tightens loose skin, minimalizes the appearance of large pores, moisturizes, and calms the skin. Pure shea butter is incredibly effective in reducing inflammation and redness while rose geranium goes to work balancing the skin’s natural oil production. Coconut helps reduce inflammation as well as improves your skin’s hydration. Lastly, the activated charcoal in this bar helps with congestion; it helps ease out trapped gunk from the pores.

“This by far is my fave soap,” wrote Maddalena. “I have those little white bumps on my arms and have never been able to get rid of them until I started using this bar of soap!! It’s AMAZING!!”

Posted IG Influencer Kaitlin Hargreaves: “Legit made the bumps on the back of my arms disappear!!!!”

The Ritual Rose Soap Bar is just $10.50 so, if you suffer from KP, using it is worth a shot! We would sincerely love to hear if it helps you, too!