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Summer Skincare

summer skincare


Your body constantly sheds skin – as in 30 000 skin cells every minute! Help your skin out by giving it some tough love and exfoliate a couple times a week with our easy recipe in this post.

Another bonus now that leg shaving season is upon us, a good scrub before you shave or wax gives your skin a smooth surface to work with. There will be less chance of nicks and cuts and it will prevent razor burn. If you use the recipe below to scrub after you will get rid of all the crap and crud that causes ingrown hairs while giving your skin a boost of moisture without clogging your pores.



You’re going to be exposed to several severe weather conditions your skin is not used to. Bare skin and wind, sun, heat and dust is a bad combo. Each one of these can do a number on your skin, protect your skin from the elements by giving it a good moisture barrier. Our body butters are perfect for this, they are a light shea butter base that sinks in deep to protect from harsher weather and they contain coconut oil with hydrates and repairs.



Turn your body butter into a water proof skin barrier that won’t leave an oil slick in the pool as you swim. *I have only tried this recipe on our SeaLuxe Driftwood body butter.

You need our 4 oz. jar of body butter and pure lanolin.

To make: In a microwavable dish add 2 heaping Tablespoons of lanolin and heat until liquid 10 seconds at a time (approximately 30 seconds). It needs to be runny otherwise it won’t mix.

In a larger bowl scoop out the body butter and mix the two completely. Use a spatula to add the mixture back into the jar.



Drink more water. You need it. Invest in a cute water bottle that you can accessorize because the readily your water source is the more you will drink. Go grab a glass of water now and drink it while you’re reading this. More water makes your body a better place it also puffs up sunken pores. Just try it for one day and notice the difference. Take a before and after photo if you don’t believe me.



A healthy glow from the sun is also premature aging. It’s almost impossible to avoid if you love the outdoors as much as I do. The sun is everywhere, through all seasons - always wear sunscreen! Protect your skin and your eyes by wearing a big hat, big glasses, long loose fitting clothing and find shade. Head to the beach when the crowds start to dissipate after 4:00 or for a relaxing beach experience get there early.

My personal recipe I use when I’m out in the early morning or afternoons (along with a hat, glasses and clothing) is: 1 cup coconut oil, ¼ cup avocado oil and 4 tablespoons of zinc oxide. This is good for your face as well as the rest of your body. Your skin will be whitish from the zinc but it will soak up the healthy fats in the oil and give you a healthy glow. Use a stronger sunscreen during the sun-scorching hours though and use at your own discretion!



Relief from the heat comes in a small bottle, keep it in your fridge, mist your face often. Buy our Goddess Nectar or make you own with the instructions below. Rose water is nice and it also freshens you up after a day in the sun. To make: collect your most fragrant rose buds (early in the morning is best). In a large soup pot add the rose petals and 2 liters of water. In the middle of the pot put an empty metal or ceramic mixing bowl. Put the lid on and simmer until you have enough water collected in the bowl. The water in the bowl is rose water. Pour into a small spray bottle and keep in the fridge, discard after 6 months.