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Skincare Routines

natural face moisturizer spray with rose water

I used to buy so many skincare products that I got confused as to what to put on my face and when. Was it okay to use retinol after a ceramide cream? Was I supposed to moisturize after the ceramide cream? And how about the AHA gel – was that okay to use before retinol?

My routine just became a big muddle. On top of it all, I was unknowingly harming my acid mantle which is the protective film of natural oils, sweat, and amino acids that cover skin.

I decided to simplify, and both my pocketbook and my skin have been much happier since.

This is what I do on a daily basis:


I cleanse my skin every morning and before I go to bed by using warm water and a gentle cleanser. I alternate between using a cleansing milk or SeaLuxe’s Goddess Grains Facial Cleanser. The latter is so good especially after I’ve been using sunscreen all day or feeling a bit grimy. The face polisher features ingredients such as adzuki bean, rice, fennel, oats, calendula, and rose so of course the skin feels lovely after using!

Facial oil:

While I often use my favourite, Rose Goddess Nectar, for a pre-moisturizer toner, I also like to use one of our three seaweed-based facial oils between cleansing and moisturizing. My skin is on the drier side so I like to use something a little extra to help my moisturizer. Seaweed has powerful antioxidant properties that have been shown to effectively inhibit skin oxidation stress (in other words: wrinkles). Studies have also shown that seaweed is considered bio-available which means it is easily absorbed by our bodies. I will be writing more about seaweed-based serums in the near future.


While I switch around moisturizers depending on the season (lighter for summer, heavier for winter to counter being inside more often), I always make sure I use one with natural ingredients. SPF in the daytime and something a little heavier for the nighttime. That’s it.

Face masks:

This is probably the favourite part of my routine even though I only do it once a week! My favourite masks are Sealuxe’s Alabaster Face Mask which is rich in tri-glycerides and fatty acids. It is brilliant for straightening out your skin’s PH balance and soothing irritation. . I’ve also been using Sealuxe’s Rose Mask. This one is particularly good to use in the warmer months, when I’m more prone to breakouts. Aside from looking pretty, roses are known for being so good for our skin! They’re full of vitamins and antioxidants and go a long way towards soothing redness and evening skin tone.

Roses are also one of my favourite flowers to smell (I go through Seauxe’s Seaweed and Rose Toner like mad). Little did I know that rose scent is said to lower cortisol levels!