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Skin Routine for Fall

fall skin routine sealuxe

Cold weather can make keeping our skin nourished a challenge!

Sealuxe has put together a skin routine with five tips for keeping your skin looking beautiful this fall:

  1. Hot Hot Heat. I love hot showers. But I pay the price as they’re so drying! Hot water strips the skin’s natural oils. The less oil, the drier the skin. So, if you have to have a hot shower (yup) make sure it’s a short one!

  2. Hydrate Me. Sealuxe’s range of scrumptious scrub bars will gently slough off those dry and flaky skin cells that leave behind a silky, smooth texture. It’s so important to follow up with a moisturizer after exfoliating. Sealuxe’s body butters, with their shea nut butter bases, provide the perfect amount of moisture to your body without any nasty preservatives. Speaking of moisture, have you tried using a humidifier in your bedroom? These are so great when it comes to keeping your skin moist as furnaces can result in sucking in approximately 30 percent of the air’s moisture.

  3. Got Milk? Did you know that milk has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal dry and itchy skin? The lactic acid in milk helps exfoliate and increase the skin’s power to retain moisture. All you have to do is soak a clean washcloth in cold milk then place the cloth on your skin for 10 minutes. Who knew the dairy fridge at the grocery store had such a great trick for fall skin?

  4. Get Handy. Don’t forget your hands. They are prone to dryness as they’re often exposed to the elements (not to mention all that extra washing this pandemic has brought on). It’s smart to carry some hand cream in your purse and apply as needed.

  5. Food Glorious Food. Supplementing your diet with more fish (or fish oils) can help your skin maintain moisture. Salmon and tuna are particularly wonderful for their Omega-3 fat content.

Sealuxe hopes these five fall skincare tips go a long way to helping you look your best as we start closing out 2020!

fall skincare tips