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Using Ice on Face

ice on face helps with puffyness

Can this simple skincare trip of using ice on your face really work to calm puffy, redness and dull skin?

Today, we watched Grimes do her makeup. The video, called “Watch Grimes Do Her Pregnancy Skincare and Psychedelic Makeup Routine” was posted at The Canadian musician took viewers through her entire routine that ended with painting black flames on her forehead.

Since I am not a dream/art-pop artist, the chances of me getting away with flames of any colour painted on my forehead are next to nil. Nobody would be asking for my autograph as I go grocery shopping, do my banking, or take out the recycling – guaranteed.

But one thing about her routine piqued our interest and this was her use of ice.

“I don’t know if everybody has this but when I got knocked up, my skin just turned super red… Sort of just like rosacea, so, doing makeup is just way harder when you’re pregnant,” Grimes said. “… then if I have a shoot or something, I use this [Grimes holds up a stone roller] or ice. Sometimes I just take ice and put it all over my face. If you’re on tour or something it kinda helps.”

Using ice is an old trick, kind of like pinching your cheeks to rouge them prior to having your photo taken.

And some swear by using ice.

Those who use ice cubes as part of their skincare routines say that it improves circulation. If you’d like to try it, we suggest wrapping an ice cube in a thin cotton handkerchief then massaging it across the skin. Apparently 90s supermodel Kate Moss has been known to dunk her face into a sink of icy water to counter morning-after puffy face.

That might not be the best method if you have sensitive skin, or skin prone to rosacea, though. Some skincare specialists recommend filling a bowl a third of the way up with whole milk (it contains cell-regenerative vitamin A and naturally exfoliating lactic acid) and add five or six ice cubes. Swirl a facecloth around in the mixture and then hold it across your face for 15 seconds and repeat four times.

If you’re prone to a red flush across the skin, you might be able to reduce it by applying an ice cube to the roof of your mouth. Have acne? Ice may be the answer as the cold water helps minimalize oil production on your skin as well as minimalizing the swelling.

Some professional makeup artists also swear by the ice cube trick for flawless foundation. Try it by rubbing an ice cube all over your face before applying foundation.

We’re interested in hearing about how this works for you so please drop us a line and let us know!