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How Cold Weather Affects Your Skin

Hellooooo, November! Depending on where you live in the northern hemisphere, you’re already experiencing cold weather – or it’s on its way. It’s not great for our skin as harsh weather can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier.

It allows two things to happen - moisture to escape and irritants to get in. The dry environment, both inside and outside, may also bring on itchy skin as our natural inflammatory response kicks in and releases histamines. This can make inflammatory skin issues such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis even worse than usual. Remember the air inside can do as much damage as the air outside. Use a humidifier to sink some moisture into your home. Your skin will benefit as dry skin is dull skin.

Sealuxe has several tips to combat cold weather’s toll on our skin. They include:

Use a hydrating toner! Sealuxe’s Rose + Seaweed Toner gets mentioned a lot but it’s with good reason. It not only goes a long way in hydrating our skin but it smells divine. It’s not a surprise we often sell out of this product.

Our Facial OIls go a long way to locking in moisture and boosting your skin’s natural protective barrier. They’re a type of emollient so they help strengthen the outer layer of your skin by softening and sealing moisture in. They are an excellent way to complement your skincare routine for an extra boost of hydration, especially during the dry winter months.

Try not to have hot showers. If you love them, then shorten the time to 10 minutes or less.

Apply a good body moisturizer within three minutes of your shower.

Avoid licking your lips as bacteria in saliva can dry them out. Use a natural lip balm such as Sealuxe’s Mint Lip Balm that contains shea nut butter, avocado oil, and beeswax for full moisturizing powers. Also don’t forget your hands! Wear gloves when you’re in the elements whenever possible.

Stick to regular exfoliating with a gentle product such as Sealuxe’s Goddess Grains Facial Cleanser. Dull skin is usually a symptom of a build-up of dead skin cells. Exfoliating will mitigate roughness, caused by dehydration.

Sealuxe hopes this information about how cold weather affects your skin will go along way to combating it!