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Beach Fires

beach fires

Fall is the best time to spend at the beach. It’s no secret that we here at Sealuxe love the ocean! When we’re not at the beach we’re dreaming of the beach. One amazing benefit of living on the west coast is that we get to experience the most beautiful sunsets year round. Is there anything more enchanting than that magic moment when the sun slips below the horizon leaving behind a richness of colours?

The answer: No there is not!

What makes an evening spent ocean side even better, keeping warm with a self-made fire! It's our recipe to extend our time outdoors. I mean, who doesn’t love a sitting around a nice cozy fire with your feet in the sand in the off season? I know I do. Beach fires are easy to make and are the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Four simple steps to building the best beach fire:

  1. The key to a good fire is to pick the perfect spot. You want a spot that is out in the open, not near any trees, grass, or other plants and away from the tide.
  2. Then you want to dig a hole in the sand and surround it with stones.  This will help you keep your fire contained.
  3. Next you will want to gather some dry driftwood. Use some of the smaller pieces to create either a teepee or log cabin. Place at the center of your structure some firestarter material. There are lots of different things you can use on the beach: dried seaweed, small chunks of driftwood or plan ahead and bring some paper.
  4. Now it is time to light your fire. As the small driftwood begins to burn add more wood in increasing size. Once the fire going it is time to sit back and enjoy the view. Listen to the calming rhythm of the waves hitting the shore and the fire crackle.

It is important to remember before you leave to completely put out your fire. Throw water on the fire until you think it is out and then throw on even more. You need to water your fire instead of just covering with sand so that the heat doesn’t get trapped.  Then you want to throw away any large partially burnt pieces of wood and fill in your hole with sand.