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The Deep Sea

A Fun Deep Dive

screen shot of the Deep Sea via Neal fun

Ever explored the deep sea with a scroll of your mouse?

Now, here’s your chance to deep dive with this really fun web page designed by Neal Agarwal. Argawal graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in computer science. He has many projects he puts out to the world and one of his most popular is Some pages on are games and some are interactive articles. The one we’re highlighting is The Deep Sea because it’s so cool and likely one of the most comprehensive interactive tours on our oceans.

According to National Ocean Service, 80% of our oceans are still “unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored.”

At the surface are clown fish, Atlantic salmon, and manatees. Go a little deeper and you’ll see killer whales, sea lions, and queen snappers. At 247 meters deep we see haddock, wolf eels, and chain catsharks. Scroll a little more and we find ourselves in The Midnight Zone where deep=sea creatures survive by creating light themselves, called bioluminescence.

And we keep scrolling to 1116 meters to discover the Orange Roughy fish that can live up to 200 years. Not to mention, a little deeper at 1320 feet, exists the Goblin Shark that scientists call “living fossils” because they’re the only living species of a lineage that has existed for 125 million years.

Unbelievably, in the deep space darkness of 2406 meters, the elephant seal can be found during its dives for food. The names of creatures seem to get creative, too. The Headless Chicken Fish! Zombie Worm! Cosmic Jellyfish! The adorable Dumbo Octopus!

What a marvelous dive. Show your friends, show your parents, show your kids. Let’s appreciate our wonderous ocean worlds.