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Terrifying Skincare

skincare ingredients to avoid

Since it’s Halloween, we here at Sealuxe headquarters thought it would be appropriate to post something scary. And there’s nothing scarier than some of the chemicals found in non-natural skin care products! 

For instance, did you know that using toxic products has an accumulative effect? This makes it more and more difficult for the body to heal itself after dealing with an onslaught of seemingly harmless (but dangerous!) products. 

Our skin can absorb almost 60 per cent of what we put on our skin. Not only are allergic reactions and sensitivities on the rise because of the chemicals found in skincare, but some of these nasties used in products are the same ones found in industrial chemicals such as brake fluid and anti-freeze!

Watch out for products that say they’re friendly, when they are absolutely not. We all know the word “organic” is used as a marketing tool – even when some of these products only have to contain as little as 10 per cent organic ingredients.  Remember to read the ingredient list! If there are too many big words that look like somebody mashed the keyboard together, then it might be an idea to stay away.

Happy Halloween, readers!