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Skincare Steps for Beautiful Skin

When it comes to taking care of mature skin, simple and consistent is best.

It’s actually the best way to take care of all skin but, for the purpose of this post, we’re talking to the ladies in their prime blooming years. For those aged 50 and up, there have been some changes in your skin. You’ll notice some wrinkles and likely some sagging here and there.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! We here at Sealuxe are all about kicking the North American obsession with youth to the curb because, frankly, it’s unrealistic and boring. Let’s look to the women in Paris, the ones in their red lipstick and fashionable clothing at all ages! They’re proud of their skin, no matter how many wrinkles as they’ll often tell you they’ve earned each and every one. Have fun and don’t shut yourself down to anything because you “feel too old” ever. Life is an adventure and it ain’t over at 40, 50, or 60... We women have value at ALL AGES despite what the men in the advertising company boardroom may have you believe.

So, back to taking care of mature skin. Many believe more is better but, honestly, who has the time to follow an eight-step routine every morning and night? Check out our short video to see how easy it should be right here.

The most important part of your skin routine is gentle exfoliation and serums. These products are so important to changing the appearance of your skin. If you don’t exfoliate regularly, you are literally applying products to dead skin. Gentle exfoliation helps reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and acne scarring.

Our recommendation for a clean skincare steps for mature skin is:

Step One: Clean with Sealuxe’s Goddess Grains by tapping out a bit of the product into your hand. Drip some water into your palm until it makes a paste. Gently rub into your face in a circular motion. In addition to vitamin C and seaweed, this gentle face cleanser contains fennel which is wonderful for all skin. Fennel contains vitamins A, C, and E which is a power line when it comes to fighting dark spots and lessening the appearance of wrinkles. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Step Two: Spritz your face with Sealuxe’s Rose + Seaweed Toner. This plant therapy spray does wonders to retain hydration while rose geranium is known for its healing properties. Many have reported it heals broken capillaries!

Step Three: Moisturize with Sealuxe’s Nourish Facial Oil. This oil is specifically formulated to have multi-correctional properties for superior skin nutrition. Not only will Nourish contribute to the daily repair and protection of your skin, but you’ll notice a marked improvement in texture and tone after continued use.

Step Four: Follow with your favourite moisturizer (for daytime use, a moisturizer with SPF).

That’s it!

skincare steps for mature skin