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Our Quest for Sustainable Packaging

As part of Sealuxe’s new look, did you know our bath teas come packaged in a film made from starch and celluloid?

Our quest for sustainable packaging began because of the detrimental impact of traditional materials such as plastic. Derived from fossil fuels and notorious for their resistance to decomposition, plastics are a major contributor to pollution and waste accumulation – much of which ends up in our oceans.

A mainstream alternative to plastic has been needed for a long time. Bakelite, the first fully synthetic plastic, was invented in 1907 and marked the beginning of the plastic age. It has grown at a compound annual rate of 8.4% since its mass production in 1950. Global plastic production reached around 248 million tons by 2017 and is a widespread pollutant in water sources, accounting for 60 to 90% of marine waste.

The additives in plastic have also been shown to have serious effects on human health. They may lead to reproductive abnormalities and disruption of the endocrine and immune system. There have even been links to adult diabetes, early puberty, obesity, and other chronic diseases.

Thankfully there are alternatives to the plastic packaging problem. Like film made out of starch and cellulose.

Starch, once primarily used as a thickening or binding agent in various products, was recognized by scientists as an eco-friendly packaging material. Creating starch film involves extracting starch from sources such as corn, tapioca, or potatoes. The extracted starch is then made into a film through a heating, cooling, and drying techniques.

Cellulose is known as the filler, enhancing the strength of the starch-based film.

Cellulose film is made when cellulose fibres are extracted from plant sources such as rice husk and palm waste and dissolved into a solvent. The resulting solution is added to the starch film to create a bag that not has excellent biodegradability, transparency, and barrier properties.

When you use Sealuxe products, know that you are helping the planet and your skin!