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Kelp Forest - Seaweed to the Rescue

kelp floating in a blue mineral rich sea

What does kelp forests have to do with saving our planet?

You’ve heard of deforestation. Have you heard seaforestation?

This initiative, led by Vancouver-based ocean conservatory charity Ocean Wise, is all about restoring, planting, managing, and caring for underwater sea forests.

This isn’t a feel good project; it’s a vital one that could help us in the fight – one that we are currently losing – against climate change. The only way to keep global warming below the internationally agreed-upon 1.5 degree Celsius threshold is by dealing with CO2 levels.

Seaweed has an incredible ability to draw CO2 from the environment which is why Ocean Wise is ramping up efforts to take care of our underwater gardens.

“One potential breakthrough option to accomplish this is to grow seaweed in the oceans at scale,” stated Ocean Wise on its website.

“Seaweeds grow faster than terrestrial plants. There is ample space to grow seaweed in the oceans without compromising ecosystem integrity. If we realize the potential of seaweed to sequester CO2, among other measures to mitigate greenhouse gases, we will have a fighting chance of avoiding the catastrophic implications of climate change.

“And the range of markets for the suite of seaweed products could make this endeavor a financially self-sustaining one that promises to create sustainable jobs, including benefits to Indigenous and other coastal communities. With the potential of seaweed and the ocean, we are now on the threshold of a major, global breakthrough for humanity.”

Not only is Sealuxe wholeheartedly behind this initiative because we’ve seen first-hand benefits from using seaweed in natural skincare, but also because we are deeply concerned about this planet on which we live. Sealuxe uses organic products along with biodegradable and recycled packaging.

You can do your part by hosting a beach clean-up (or just picking up trash as you walk along the beach. Just remember to do it safely!); donate to organizations such as Sea Wise, or break your plastics habit.

We can all do our part. Time is running out.

Learn more here. Seaforestation - Ocean Wise.