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Green Beauty Products - Why you Should Make the Switch

making the switch to green beauty products

Thinking about making the switch to green beauty products?

Switching to the world of clean and organic skincare and makeup may seem like a daunting task but, believe us, your skin and your health will thank you.

Your skin is your largest organ so whatever you put on it eventually goes into your blood, tissues, and organs. Studies show that up to 60 percent of chemicals applied topically can enter the bloodstream. Like a diet of processed foods and frozen meals, chemicals eventually take their toll in negative ways.

Natural and plant-based beauty products typically contain no harmful ingredients (but, as always, read the ingredients list as not all green beauty products are created equal!). Most green beauty brands use organic and sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible. Sealuxe, for example, uses non-toxic and organic ingredients. The seaweed we use is all sustainably harvested off the clean and cold waters of the Great Bear Rainforest.

In addition to health reasons, making the switch to green beauty is also doing a world of good for our four and two-legged friends. Believe it or not, animal testing is still a sad reality. Green products tend to be cruelty-free products. Some of the bigger green beauty brands will have certification from PETA – Beauty Without Bunnies and the Leaping Bunny Certification Program.

Choosing green products also means it is better for the environment. Many of the chemicals and other harmful ingredients in conventional products get washed down the drain and go into our groundwater and oceans. Remember those horrible microbead exfoliators that eventually got banned from shelves? We’re still shaking our head over that one. Green beauty brands also aim to have sustainable packaging, too. Sealuxe uses recyclable paper and our soaps are wrapped in a soy-based compostable shrink wrap. You can check out our green beauty products here.

Like with many other lifestyle changes, it’s best to take baby steps. Start by collecting all the products you use and consider what you like and dislike about each of them. Read the labels. If they contain words such as phthalates, lead, aluminum, sodium lauryl sulfate, BHA and BHT (often found in lipsticks and moisturizers), boric acid, synthetic fragrance, or paraben – chuck ‘em. These chemicals have been linked to health issues such as headaches, asthma, respiratory issues, infertility, cancer, and allergies. Learn more about the safety of your beauty products by checking out Skin Deep which has an interesting search function that rates your products.

Try samples of new products and take note how they affect your skin. Remember it can take a week or so to adjust to new products. We’re sure that once you make the switch to green beauty, you will see the benefits – skin-deep and otherwise!

clean beauty products and why you should switch