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Farm to Face: Skincare Brands are Becoming More Transparent

farm to face skincare

Five years ago, Tanya Droege was happily paddling her kayak around British Columbia’s coast, steadfastly combing its shores for seaweed. The ingredient is the cornerstone of her skin- and body-care line, Sealuxe. A typical day during springtime harvest began at low tide, when large brown Nereocystis luetkeana forests floated to the surface. Droege would hand-harvest the fronds, rinse them in fresh water and lay them out to dry across her boat.

Fast-forward to today and Sealuxe is going gangbusters. But success based on a single, naturally harvested ingredient poses a unique challenge. “Our seaweed grows in the pristine waters of the B.C. coast, away from heavy commercial boat traffic and industry,” she says. “Seaweed harvesting is still a seasonal business, so with any smaller supplier, planning is required.”

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