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cantaloupe for skincare

Cantaloupe and Your Skin

Whenever I had a fruit salad, I’d eat the fruits in order of what I liked best. I’d start with the pineapple, then strawberries, moving to the grapes and then, finally, the cantaloupe. It wasn’t that I disliked the fruit, it’s just that the mild-tasting fruit didn’t excite my tastebuds as much as the rest of the salad.

That all changed when I learned about cantaloupe’s myriad health benefits. The fruit is absolutely full of nutrients. To list just some of the benefits: it has anti-coagulant properties that help prevent the formation of blood clots in the cardiovascular system. It has high folate content, which goes a long way to preventing neural tube defects in babies. It is wonderful for those who succumb to the effects of stress, as cantaloupe’s high levels of potassium promotes the supply of oxygen to the brain. It also contains something called superoxide dismutase, a compound that calms anxieties.

That’s not all – your skin also loves cantaloupe. It is a water-holding fruit, which, yes, contributes to its slightly blandish taste, but this also means it helps you stay hydrated thus preventing fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamin A in cantaloupe is converted to beta carotene, which is key to clear skin as it thins the outer layer of those dead skin cells. The previously mentioned folic acid is also good for your skin. Apply it topically by mashing it into a puree and blending it with a natural binding agent such as plain yogurt. As the high folate content helps the regeneration of cells, you’ll find your skin is glowing after a 20-minute mask.

Eating it regularly also does wonders for improving skin elasticity. The high content of vitamin C supports collagen formation in our bodies. Collagen is an amino acid protein that provides structure and shape to our organs and skin. Adding any food that promotes collagen building is a great anti-aging benefit!