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Bathing in Botanials

bathing in botanicals

Indulge Yourself with Bath Teas

When we run ourselves an aromatic herbal bath, we are part of a tradition that goes back to ancient times.

Herbal baths were highly valued throughout the Middle Ages for both cleansing and medicinal purposes. Adding herbs and sea salt to warm water for a soak began in Ancient Egypt before Southern Europe and the Near East caught on.

Bathing with the right kind of fragrant herbs has historically been used to treat diseases along with helping to alleviate muscle pain, mental fatigue, along with being beneficial for the skin and hair. Greek philosopher/physician Hippocrates wrote, “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath or scented massage every day.”

To indulge yourself at home, try Sealuxe’s bath tea where every ingredient has been hand-blended and included with purpose. Ocean Goddess Bath Tea features flowers and oceanic botanicals along with sea salts that will help relive tired muscles, rejuvenate your body, and soften your stress.If you love roses, the Ritual Rose Bath Tea is right up your alley. It’s filled to the brim with rose petals and rose buds and, like our other bath teas, it comes with sea salt for extra mineral nourishment. All of our bath teas come with a reusable muslin teabag.