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At Home Spa Day

Christmas will be a little different for everybody this year. COVID-19 has thrust our lifestyles onto a different track – things are improving, but many of us are still uncomfortable going out the way we used to or visiting friends and relatives as we once did. We also may not have the level of disposable income we did pre-pandemic.

If you’re feeling like you need a break from it all, may we suggest treating yourself to an affordable at-home Christmas Spa date with yourself?

Prepare by slipping into your favourite robe and fuzzy slippers. Put your hair up. If you want a full pampering session, dampen your hair and put some of your best conditioner or warm oil in it. Throw a towel into the dryer for five minutes then, while it’s still warm, wrap it on your head so the hair follicles absorb the moisturizing goodness.

Draw yourself a warm bath. Add Sealuxe’s Eucalyptus bath salts. Light our special edition Santa’s Forest Holiday Candle and place it by the tub. Its scent of fir, pine, and cedar is lovely and comforting. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in a Swedish forest spa.

Nothing says refreshing like peppermint. Our seasonal Blizzard Soap Bar is infused with the plant which will not only leave you feeling invigorated but will help soothe inflamed skin.

Applying a facial oil right after you pat yourself dry is the best time as it traps moisture in your skin. If you’re undecided if Nourish, Protect, or Balance is best for you – or if you would like to try one without springing for a full-sized bottle – then check out Sealuxe’s Facial Oil Gift Set.

Sealuxe hopes that these DIY Christmas spa at home tips give you a chance to celebrate yourself and give you a little break!