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Zoom Bundle - Bathe in Luxury, Save in Serenity!
Zoom Bundle - Bathe in Luxury, Save in Serenity!

Bundle - Bathe in Luxury, Save in Serenity!

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A luxe collection of six meticulously crafted bath teas, each designed to transport you to a unique oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. This exclusive bundle, now available for just $29.99 — a remarkable saving from the original price of $47.70 — brings the spa experience into the comfort of your home, offering two of our exquisite bath teas completely free, plus additional savings.

Lavender Lemon Bath Tea: Begin your journey with the harmonious blend of calming lavender and invigorating lemon. This bath tea infuses your bath with a soothing aroma, promoting relaxation while uplifting your spirits.

Lavender Vanilla Bath Tea: Delve into the serenity of lavender combined with the comforting sweetness of vanilla. Infused with cornflower, jasmine, and Himalayan salt, this bath tea leaves your skin feeling nourished and silky smooth.

Ocean Goddess Bath Tea: Embrace the nourishing power of the ocean with this fan-favourite blend. Lavender and rosemary provide a tranquil backdrop, while seaweeds and botanicals like rose petals and jasmine offer a deeply soothing experience.

Rose Bath Tea: Submerge into a floral haven with the delicate scent of roses. This gentle blend is designed to calm your senses and moisturize your skin, making each bath a luxurious retreat.

Seaweed Bath Tea: Harness the hydrating and detoxifying benefits of the sea with our Seaweed Bath Tea. Rich in essential minerals, this blend revitalizes your skin, leaving it supple and rejuvenated.

Forest Bathing Bath Tea: Complete your bathing ritual with the earthy essence of cedar and vetiver. This forest-inspired tea is a soothing blend of seaweeds, botanicals, and natural scents, designed to refresh your body and mind.

Our 100% compostable packaging further demonstrates our commitment to the environment. Embrace the art of bathing with the Ultimate Bath Tea Bundle and transform your daily routine into a series of enchanting, rejuvenating escapes.

Bundle - Bathe in Luxury, Save in Serenity!

$29.99 Regular price $47.70

Instead of using chemicals to preserve our products we make small batches fresh.

Instead of contributing to plastic pollution we use biodegradable, reusable or recycleable products.

Instead of using synthetic fragrance, we use essential oils, natural plant essence and flavours or nothing at all.

Instead of using colour dyes we use clays, plants and mica minerals to create our colours.