About Us

Sealuxe lives and breathes the rhythm of the tides. From the front door of coastal British Columbia and inspired by the wild wisdom of the sea, we blend, stir, sift and pour healthy ingredients infused with the Pacific ocean’s unique and natural elements into all of our products.

As a child, our Sealuxe founder discovered her passion for the ocean. Summers were spent beachcombing - exploring low tide as the ocean retreated each day to unveil an endless and ever changing world of excitement and intrigue. It was during these formative years that a young girl developed her passion for the sea, the coast and the thriving ecosystems they nurture. She spent the next 25 years never more than a stone’s throw from the ocean, and this journey has led to the creation of Sealuxe and a potent product line rich with the elements of thalassotherapy: seaweed, salt and Canadian glacial marine clay.

Immersing yourself in the elements of thalassotherapy helps to restore your body’s natural chemical balance. Soaking in seawater replenishes vital minerals. The essential vitamins and proteins in seaweed nourish the skin, and aid in healing and cellular respiration. Sea mud removes dead skin, toxins and bacteria for a detoxifying effect. The elements in our products work synergistically to stimulate circulation and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, allowing more oxygen to reach and nourish each skin cell.


About Our Founder

I had cancer. Whew. That was hard for me to write. I didn’t want it to be part of the story of Sealuxe but it is. If I hadn’t had cancer, I would not have started a skincare company that features seaweed in all of my products.

Life throws us curveballs. I became pregnant at the age of 18. A year later, my thyroid began acting up. I was a 19-year-old single mother and scared. Scared of illness, scared that if it was something serious my daughter would grow up parentless. When I first noticed a lump in my throat, I went to the doctor. No matter what adjustments he made to my prescriptions, my lump increased in size and I soon started experiencing a number of symptoms including fatigue, weight gain and always being cold. As I was dealing with this illness, I also suffered from memory loss, symptoms of diabetes insipidus, hair loss, loss of appetite and huge weight gain (in one month I gained 20 lbs!). My doctor suggested I look into the benefits of seaweed for the thyroid but shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had most of my thyroid removed and was put on a prescription for the rest of my life. Because I like to be pro-active about my health, I took my doctor's advice, did some research and discovered seaweed. I was so impressed with my findings that I started supplementing my meals with it.

There are many science-based studies touting the tremendous health benefits from the consumption of seaweed, including minimizing the chances of developing some forms of cancer but particularly thyroid cancer due to the high percentage of iodine in seaweed.

My mind was blown. If I had supplemented my diet with seaweed, who knows – maybe I could have averted cancer altogether! The benefits of seaweed are that powerful. I continued to study biology, plants, and especially seaweed and its positive effects on humans. I became passionate about seaweed. I still am, because more and more studies indicate it can reduce cellar aging and photo aging. 

Being a young, single mother meant I was financially scraping by. I made my own natural remedies for my daughter and myself out of necessity (soap, shampoo, toothpaste for starters). I remember The Body Shop marketing exotic spa treatments from the Amazon rain forest and I was struck that they didn’t smell of perfume like most other products on the market at that time. They smelled authentic. When I smeared the mud on my body, I felt I was participating in an ancient tradition, linked to rituals practiced by Amazonian women. I know, I know - it seems corny now, but it was my first connection to a natural product sold on the shelves.

In a strange twist, I now live blocks away from where I lived as a teenage mother. It’s a stone’s throw from the water and when I look at the ocean, I am now full of gratitude. I am thankful we live in a part of the world where the waters are healthy and clean, and where a variety of seaweed grows in abundance. I am forever thankful that my research from all those years ago introduced me to seaweed, something I’ve since become so passionate about. So passionate that I knew, one day, I would want to share the benefits it has to offer.

It was here, in Crescent Beach, I decided to give up my day job and focus on this passion. Can I use the word “serendipity”? Thanks! I will! Because here I am, letting you know about the many and varied health and skincare benefits of the most sustainable and powerful plant on our planet – seaweed.