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Carli Strauss

Owner of Montrose and George

"Sealuxe is a one-of-a-kind company that stands out for not only its beautifully curated, high-end ingredients, but also the amazing people behind the brand! We've carried Sealuxe for many years now and our customers would agree! I personally only use Sealuxe at home for myself, and for family members with very sensitive skin, and allergies. They love it."


Katrina Todd


"I am so in love with all of Sealuxe's products, from the most amazing smelling candles to the lush soaps. These were a lifesaver for my sensitive skin. I can't get enough of the Driftwood Body Butter, I take this with me literally everywhere! Straight from the heart - thank you for making the best products, my skin never looked and felt so great."

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Roxanne Maloney

Owner of Nook Spa

"Sealuxe's Rose Nectar is by far my best selling product I carry in my spa. I use this product multiple times a day. I have one in the spa that I spray before each client arrives, one in my car, one on my bedside table and one in my purse.

I use Goddess Nectar on those days I get too much sun, need a little boost or when I'm also feeling the need for some deodorant. Do yourself a favour and try this out. I'm warning you now it's addictive!"

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Shannon Jae

Owner of Islandish

"I discovered Sealuxe a few years ago and can't get enough of it. The beach glass soap stole my heart and Sealuxe keeps creating new things for me to love."

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Paige and Skye


"We are in love with the Driftwood Body Butter! It keeps us hydrated during the hot beach days of summer and moisturizes our chapped skin after a day skiing in the winter. It's a great moisturizer for every season."

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Tara Jones


"Sealuxe's seaweed mask nourishes me from the outside in. Conventional products irritate my skin, but this stuff feels so right. I like the way it smells savoury instead of sweet."

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Becky Breitsprecher


"My package arrived today and all the products are beautiful. Everything smells amazing and it is also very pretty to look at...and all made with high quality (and some locally hand sourced) ingredients. LOVE it!!!"


β€œThe fig and almond candle is the best smelling candle I have ever had the pleasure of burning and it's eco-friendly!”

- Asha Young Vancouver, B.C.


"Absolutely LOVE your products! I received some as a Christmas gift and I'm hooked!"

-Jess Duncan B.C.


"Have the Driftwood lotion! Absolutely love it. It's helped heal my arm imperfections (acne and eczema). Thinking about using it as a night-time cream."

-Megan Harris Martin