"Tradewinds" Eco-soy Candle

"Tradewinds" Eco-soy Candle

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Natural eco-soy and coconut blend wax candle scented with pure essential oils and natural fragrance.

Tradewinds - Geranium + Ylang ylang + Peppermint

6 oz. in rusty tin

16 oz. in handmade clay vessel with pink glaze

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Packaged in nostalgic rusted tins one might imagine finding while beachcombing along the Pacific Northwest coastline, SeaLuxe’s line of candles are a made with a blend of coconut and eco-soy wax. They burn uniformly and clean, and are scented with essential oils for a balanced natural fragrance.

Burn time - 30 hours

Scent - Peppermint + Lavender + Ylang ylang + Geranium