SeaLuxe lives and breathes the rhythm of the tides. From the front door of coastal British Columbia and inspired by the wild wisdom of the sea, we blend, stir, sift and pour healthy ingredients infused with the pacific ocean’s unique and natural elements into all of our products.


As a child, our SeaLuxe founder discovered her passion for the ocean. Summers were spent beachcombing; exploring low tide as as the ocean retreated each day to unveil an endless and ever changing world of excitement and intrigue. It was during these formative years that a young girl developed her passion for the sea, the coast and the thriving ecosystems they nurture. She spent the next 25 years never more than a stone’s throw from the ocean, and this journey has led to the creation of SeaLuxe and a potent product line rich with the elements of Thalassotherapy: Seaweed, Salt and Canadian Glacial Marine clay.


Immersing yourself in the elements of Thalassotherapy helps to restore your body’s natural chemical balance. Soaking in sea water replenishes vital minerals. The essential vitamins and proteins in seaweed nourish the skin, and aid in healing and cellular respiration. Sea mud removes dead skin, as well as toxins and bacteria, for a detoxifying effect. The synergy of these elements in our products works to stimulate circulation, increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin which allows more oxygen to reach and nourish each skin cell.


Sealuxe is about sharing the magic in the West Coast waves. We pour our hearts into every bottle, jar and soap bar so you can immerse yourself in the sea wherever you are in the world. Our mission highlights an  with an underlying dichotomy-; that lLuxury shouldn’t be experienced by a precious few, luxury rather it should exist without barriers and within reach of anyone.  SealuxeI hasve created my a range of products that o brings this luxury to your doorstep, so you can soak in the elements of the ocean whether you can smell the ocean spray from your window or are baking in the dry desert sun.