Way of the Shea

It’s no secret that shea nut butter is incredibly moisturizing and extremely hydrating for our skin. The butter in its original form is a cream-coloured, fatty substance that comes from the nuts of West Africa’s shea tree – it almost looks like mashed potatoes!

Skin Solution

It is chock full of all-natural Vitamin A and, in addition to being a wonderful moisturizer, it helps with many skin conditions such as blemishes, smoothing wrinkles, preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, and dermatitis.

That’s not all. It also boosts collagen – the protein that gives our skin elasticity – and, when applied in small amounts to the scalp, can help eliminate dandruff.

Go Natural

Shea nut butter is found in many natural skin care products, including our moisturizers. It’s worthwhile to point out that many non-natural skin care products contain synthetic moisturizers that can have potential negative effects on your health.

Made to Order

All of SeaLuxe’s body butters contain raw organic shea nut butter. We make the Rainforest, Driftwood, and Rose Whipped body butters to order so you experience the benefits of the ingredients at the peak of their potency. We also recommend storing body butter in the fridge, and using it within nine months of purchase.