Supporting Others Who Do Good

I was grocery shopping earlier today and – not for the first time – noticed a fellow shopper putting a bunch of bananas into a plastic bag. Argh! Why???

Regular readers of this blog know we touch on plastic use, and how much it has damaged our planet. It’s insane. We have produced more plastic over the last 10 years than all of the 20th century, according to Plastic Oceans. About eight-million tons of plastic end up in our oceans and the non-biodegradable materials are often mistaken for food by our ocean’s creatures.

But there is a spot of positivity in this depressing situation. A grocery store called Nada Grocery recently opened in Vancouver (675 East Broadway) where nothing is packaged. Customers are encouraged to bring clean and reusable containers from home to box their food. People who shop unprepared are still welcome, though, as the store has bins of free containers. Nada also sells reusable packaging.

People can weigh and label their containers the first time they bring it in and that weight is deducted at the check-out so you’re not paying for packaging.

We appreciate the people behind Nada and the wave of other environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs out there who are making a difference to reduce waste.

Consider this: the retail food sector in the United States alone generates eight million tons of food waste every year. Packaging waste is also out of hand – food is shipped in boxes, sits on the shelves in plastic, and then shoppers carry the food home in plastic bags. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that containers and packaging make up 23 percent of landfill waste.

Zero-waste grocery stores exist around the world. They’re in Berlin, London, Barcelona, and London to name a few.

SeaLuxe is proud to be part of this movement. While it is required by law we must package our skin care products, we use an oxo-biodegradable polyolefin wrap for our soaps. Biolefin is USFDA approved for direct food contact and the biodegradation process begins 18 months after exposure to air, sunlight, and/or heat.

Let’s all do our part to help our planet.