Plane Skin Care


Are you getting out of dodge in search of some fun under the sun this winter? If so, we’re so happy for you! So happy, we’ve got some skin care tips for air travel to keep you looking your tip top self. As you already likely know, flying is hard on the skin. The pressurized cabin of an airplane has such low humidity that it is really drying on the skin. Combine the air with the salty snacks and an alcoholic drink or two – yikes!

Moisturizer is key

If we’re flying for more than three hours, we’ll pack a heavy duty moisturizer and lip balm with us. We’ll periodically apply to our skin and lips, just to give our skin a bit of help along the way. It’s also an idea to pack a healthy snack to take with you as well as drink plenty of water. We know it’s no fun, but do try not to overdo the alcohol when flying – it really doesn’t help your skin!

Gently into the sun

We’ll also make sure we pack a gentle cleanser with us. Your skin often needs a day to recover from a long flight, so it’s a good idea to do what you can to help. That means taking extra care of it once you’re at the hotel. Don’t scrub and ease into sun exposure on your first day. Of course, sunscreen will be your best friend.

Safe travels and healthy skin!