Tips to Combat Winter Skin

That snow sure looks pretty but this cold weather sure can make keeping our skin nourished challenging! We here at SeaLuxe headquarters have put together a few tips to help you combat the dry air and keep your skin looking its absolute best this winter.


As tempting as it is, having a hot shower is so drying for our skin. Hot water strips the natural oils from our skin and the more oils that are gone, the drier the skin becomes. If you have to have a hot shower, make sure it’s a short one. Dry air is also hard on our skin as it also draws out the moisturizer, leaving it flaky, dull and dry.


SeaLuxe has a range of scrumptious scrub bars that will gently slough off those dry and flaky skin cells that will leave you with a silky smooth texture. It’s so important to moisturize after exfoliating, especially in the winter months, so try our wonderful body butters.

They are especially formulated with shea nut butter and seaweed to feed your skin the nutrients it deserves. It is also a great idea to use a humidifier in your bedroom. This helps keep your skin moist even though the thermostat may be turned up. A furnace can result in 30 per cent less moisture in the air of a house!


Did you know that milk has anti-inflammatory properties that help dry and itchy skin? The lactic acid in milk helps exfoliate dead skin and increase the skin’s power to retain moisture. Want to put this to the test? Soak a clean washcloth in cold milk and then place the cloth on your skin for 10 minutes. Gently wash off the milk in a lukewarm shower. For those of you who have the Rose Goddess Nectar spray, squirt five times into a bowl along with five tablespoons of milk and rub this solution over your body. Let it sit for 10 minutes before washing in cold to lukewarm water. Repeat this twice daily until your skin feels better.


Your hands are especially prone to dryness as they’re so often exposed to the elements as well as regular washing. It’s a smart idea to carry some hand cream in your bag, or even in the glove compartment of your vehicle. Your hands will thank you.


Supplementing your diet with more fish can help your skin maintain moisture. Salmon and tuna in particular are wonderful for their high content of Omega-3 fats.