Don't be Zen about Parabens

Sealuxe is proudly paraben-free. We use the best ingredients from the best source - Mother Nature.

Sealuxe is proudly paraben-free. We use the best ingredients from the best source - Mother Nature.



Alright! Welcome to the lab (yes, picture me at the front of the classroom in my white lab coat and safety goggles)!


I know you guys are an inquisitive bunch and you likely have an interest in SeaLuxe’s skincare products because they are proudly natural. So, we’re here today to talk about any chemical uglies that may be lurking on your bathroom shelves.


Today’s topic: parabens.




Parabens are a group of synthetic compounds used as preservatives in a wide range of health and beauty products. They were first commercialized during the 1950s. Paraben is an umbrella term for product ingredients such as: methylparaben, ethylparaben, proplyparaben, butylparaben, and isobultylparaben.


These parabens are added to products such as deodrants, shampoos, body lotions, and makeup to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus.




Okay, so while North America’s health boards have set standards they view as safe (that would be the FDA – U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the United States and Health Canada here where Sealuxe is based) there are still worries from those who work in public health about the cumulative exposure from different products. Studies have shown parabens can disrupt hormone function which can be linked to breast cancer and reproduction issues. On a less worrisome note, they have also been linked to skin irritation issues. Some countries such as Canada haven’t banned them because the studies are considered to have been conducted by “fringe” organizations such as Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Yet, still, the European Union banned products with parabens from shelves in 2012. Makes one think!




We believe that your skin deserves fresh ingredients and each one of those ingredients needs to have a benefit. We also believe that nature has an abundance of cures available. We only use ingredients that you can pronounce (and, in most cases, eat!) so you can feel good about your skincare choices and see results you deserve without any negative side effects to your health.

Want to chat about any other nasty ingredients out there that concern you? Let us know and we'll share the information!