Sunday Beauty

Ah, Sundays. They’re perfect for a little pampering. Taking a little quiet time for yourself is such a wonderful way to end the week. For those of us who have a million things to do before Monday, remember even taking half-an-hour for yourself does a world of good.

Let us introduce you to a little skin routine we like to enjoy when we can. It involves a deep cleanse, face mask, and facial massage. Believe me, it does wonders for both the skin and the mind.

Deep Cleanse

Cleanse your skin with a product that is both gentle and effective at getting rid of grime and dead cells. We recommend using the Goddess Grains Facial Cleanser  to refine your skin’s texture.

Mask On

Apply your face mask to your squeaky clean skin. Face masks are hugely beneficial for your skin. They hydrate, tighten, brighten, and purify. Apply a thick layer so your skin can soak up all the active ingredients. We’re really digging the Alabaster Face Mask as it’s rich in triglycerides and alpha hydroxy acid.  Leave on for 15 minutes and relax.

Facial Massage

Help boost your skin’s circulation and plump your complexion with a facial massage. Using your favourite moisturizing cream or oil such as jojoba, sooth your fingers up and out in circular motions starting from the middle of your face. Apply light pressure and continue massaging for five minutes.

We love this relaxing home treatment. You’ll feel as though you just walked out of a spa.

Happy Sunday!