What Gives Seaweed its Superpowers in Skincare and Food?

Pacific northwest kelp forest

Make seaweed your new BFF - it's got A LOT to offer.

Sure it may be slick and stinky but that seaweed slime is your skin’s dream come true. It’s easily absorbed, giving your skin a feast of a high dose of vitamins and nutrients. It hydrates by building up your cell walls to lock in moisture. If those weren't enough superhero powers, it also fights off the villain Free Radicals! Marine plants are a game-changer in the world of skin care and you will want to love them as much as we do!

Harnessing super powers - say what!?

What happens when you take a constant pounding from the ocean, all the while being exposed to intense sun at low tide with your only food source coming through changing currents and tides? You adapt. You become resilient and restorative.

Seaweed’s nutrients are absorbed from the ocean water. It gives it a rich and diverse vitamin, mineral, and nutrient content in higher concentrations than any other land-dwelling plant. Sorry, superfoods, but you don’t stand a chance against seaweed!

Slice off an arm front from kelp and it grows back at a rate of two feet a day! The lightning speed of restorative ability of kep is what benefits skin cells. When they get this dose of good healthy, they are able to repair previous damage and produce more healthy cells with the assistance of the superpower of seaweed. Considering your skin sheds 30,000 to 40,000 cells a minute, you’ll want to have good and strong cell turnover.

Dried seaweed species

And now for some of our favorites...

There are more than 600 species of seaweed growing off our Pacific Northwest shores, giving SeaLuxe a smorgasbord of options to help with skin issues. We tapped into seven of our favourites:

Kelp (anti-protein builder)

Bladderwrack (combats inflammation and irritation)

Dulse (moisturizing)

Nori (nutrient-dense skin softener)

Wakame (nourishes and protects)

Irish Moss (conditions)

Spirulina (aids in toxin removal)

Just as important as what we use on our skin, is what we use internally. We eat seaweed every day, usually in our smoothies. Dulse and spirulina are our favorites because they add a rich, smoky flavour while supercharging our drink so we can work a long day with tons of energy. Click here for our simple nutritious smoothie recipe:

We are proud to use seaweed in all of our products with the exception of our Rose Nectar. Visit our SeaLuxe shop to find out more.