SeaLuxe Co. Selected for Maker House Feature

SeaLuxe Co. founder Tanya Droege. Photo credit: Maker House Co./Alex Preston

SeaLuxe Co. founder Tanya Droege. Photo credit: Maker House Co./Alex Preston

We’re so proud of SeaLuxe Co. founder Tanya Droege! Tanya was recently interviewed by Alex Preston of Maker House Co., an online marketplace that not only connects people to a curated selection of locally-crafted goods, but also dedicates itself to telling the stories behind those goods.

Tanya and Alex spent some time on Tanya’s sailboat around the Gulf Islands and they chatted about everything SeaLuxe. Tanya talked about how her company began as an “appreciation for sea life” and how her business idea was to create products that are “ethically based, high quality and affordable.

“Tanya explained that she wanted to create products that even a struggling single mother could afford – something she remembers all too well. ‘I want my products to be a reminder to take time for yourself and allow for meaningful self-care…’”

Even though Tanya had the inspiration and passion to create an ocean-inspired line of bath and body products that incorporate natural ingredients, she explained she didn’t initially have all the pieces of the business side of things. “In my pursuit to be affordable, I was also under-cutting myself – something I didn’t want to do,” she told Alex.

Tanya, who is all about community, goes on to share insights how to grow a successful company (SeaLuxe, which just celebrated its second birthday, is in more than 100 stores across Canada). Click here to read the inspiring Maker House Co. feature story on SeaLuxe.