Save Our Sand

Did you know that 25 percent of the world’s sandy beaches are shrinking? We’re losing sand to erosion and natural disasters. For example, one county in Florida lost 12,000 truckloads of sand after Hurricane Irma! Almost 70 percent of Southern California’s beaches will be eroded by year 2100, according to scientists. Sand is also used in construction, mining, for building roads. We take sand from some beaches and put them in other, more popular beaches.

We use sand to make food, wine, glass, computer chips, cosmetics, paint – the list goes on. The planet is running out of sand! The situation is so bad that governments worldwide have begun to regulate and restrict sand mining and concrete production. This has created another huge problem – a black market of sand. Yes, you read that correctly. Some criminal organizations are dealing in sand. To read more head over to Business Insider.

A spot of good news, though, as one New Zealand company is turning used beer bottles into a sand replacement. After you drink your beer, you put the empty glass bottle into a machine that mashes it up into fine sand – all in five seconds. The sand goes into one compartment while the silica dust and other stuff that was part of the bottle (plastic and the labels) goes into another. A regular 330 mil bottle produces roughly 200 grams of sand. This initiative has helped preserve beaches in New Zealand as this sand replacement has already been provided to that country’s road-builders as well as cement manufacturers who’ve turned it into eco-concrete that they provide nationwide.

Currently the company, DB Breweries, has three prototypes traveling the nation, but a spokesperson said they’d like to scale that up to see what else they can do, not only for New Zealand but for the rest of the world. To see more, check them out here.

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