Flower Language

It’s Valentine’s Day and if you are given a bouquet of red roses, lucky you! Red roses historically symbolize love, beauty, courage, and passion. We like to think they also symbolize relaxation and luxury as red roses are also featured in our bath teas!

Do you know the significance of the colours of all the different roses? For example, if you give dark pink roses, it represents appreciation and gratitude? Or if you gift a bouquet of yellow roses it’s generally meant as a welcome gift (think house-warming)? Yellow roses can also represent infidelity but you’d have to be a real boor to give a bouquet with that message in mind. On that note, white roses mean “a heart unacquainted with love” so you’d have to use your imagination on that one. Off-white roses, however, indicate charm and thoughtfulness so cream rather than pure white might be the way to go!

Light pink roses are usually given during times of sympathy (so, guys, maybe stay away from giving these to your significant other on Valentine’s Day) while lavender roses scream love-at-first-sight.

If you receive a combination of colours, this is also a nice message. A bouquet of red and white roses mean unity while red and yellow roses have a general message of happiness.

While the meaning of rose colour goes back to Ottoman Turkey, it was popularized during Victorian days. People were expected to be subtle so expressing their feelings through the language of flowers was both simple and effective.

SeaLuxe wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!