Spa at your Fingertips

Holy moly! Can you believe it’s already late September? We’ve been so busy meeting orders and keeping our shelves stocked that we’ve barely had a chance to look up.

Prep your bathroom now, relax later.

Prep your bathroom now, relax later.

I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling a little self-care is in order!

There’s no need to book an appointment with the local spa. I mean, that’s nice and all. But sometimes our downtime doesn’t coincide with the spa’s hours – i.e. 9 p.m. on a Sunday. This is where our own washrooms come into the picture.

Here are a few easy tricks to give our own washrooms that spa-like feel. I like to do some of this quick prepping work ahead of time before the grey gloom of winter sets in.


Get a plant. Air plants are great an inexpensive way to spruce up any bathroom. Try the glossy leaved zamioculcas zamiifolia as it not only thrives in both low and direct light but it is extremely tough when it comes to dampness. Peace lilies are also wonderful plants for the damp bathrooms. They’re so elegant, too! Bamboo is also a great plant for the bathroom. I love the look of bamboo, it looks so cool and modern. Just make sure you change the water monthly if you don’t use soil.

Candles have a wonderful way of setting a relaxing tone.

Candles have a wonderful way of setting a relaxing tone.

A little help. Okay, using a small wooden stool to stash your fresh towels, book, and a glass of cool water (or, ahem, wine) is SO much nicer than piling everything on top of the toilet lid. Spas and bathhouses do this all the time and this small piece of furniture brings huge luxury into our washrooms. It’s the little touches.

Our two scents. You’ll notice spas are so relaxing because they stimulate all our senses. In addition to gentle treatments, we hear relaxing music and we smell the fresh scent of lavender or eucalyptus. You know you can breathe deeply with SeaLuxe’s popular candles as they’re made out of soy wax and natural oils. One of our favourites for a relaxing time is the Echo tin candle made out of lavender, rosemary, and vanilla. We’re also getting into the spirit of fall with the Westcoast tin candle scent of cedarwood, fir, birch, and pine.

Organized tub. Not sure what it is about summer but all of a sudden I have masses of toiletries lining the edge of my tub. Where did all this stuff come from? Time to clean up and invest in a new shower caddy to replace the one that broke, oh, back in July. It’s hard to relax when bottles of shampoo and lotions are attacking you.

Save your neck. This is a big one. You’ve got everything just right – the bath is the perfect temperature and the sea salts, essential oils, and beneficial seaweed mix of SeaLuxe’s Ocean Goddess bath tea is waiting to greet and soothe your tired muscles and achy joints. You sink in and then… ow! Your neck! Check out the many designated bath pillow on the market or, if you don’t have one, use a small, rolled-up towel.

Unplug. It’s so nice to have some light music playing in the background (of course take those necessary precautions when it comes to electricity and water! It’s an awesome idea to have one of those little Bluetooth speakers to play your most chill Spotify playlist. It’s also an awesome idea to turn off your phone’s notifications. Believe me, this is a hard thing to do but – and I include myself in this – we’re all becoming a little too addicted to our screens so forced breaks is a healthy habit.