Preservative Free

water droplets on a leaf


We’re Different from other Skincare Companies. We don’t use Water as a Cheap Additive.


The absence of water means the absence of microorganisms –eliminating the need to use a preservative. It also means we don’t need to use emulsifiers to mix oil and water together, stabilizers so that the mixture stays mixed, or thickeners to avoid a runny-sloppy mess. Our products are pure plant materials from their natural source.


Potent and concentrated products means you use less. Our body butters are up to five times more concentrated than a standard body lotion. A little goes a long way and it stays on your skin, protecting you throughout the day. Lotions typically use 80% water, which dilutes the benefits of the lotion. It doesn’t have any lasting qualities so you need to keep reapplying to get any benefit.


The nutrients in our ingredients we use are more stable in their natural non-aqueous form. We don’t add any extra heat to any of the ingredients we use (aside from soap and candles) which means our ingredients are in their purest state, raw, potent, and easily absorbed by the skin.


The highly concentrated products free from preservatives and other synthetics means they are packed with nutrients making your skin healthier. It also means you save on wasteful packaging, money and shipping costs. You can't beat nature.